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About Us

The Progressive Institute

Our dedication and passion for treating mental health and substance use is based on deep experience. The Progressive Institute’s Clinical Leadership team has been involved with the creation of numerous successful outpatient treatment programs. We are proud to offer a highly effective treatment program for addiction and co- occurring disorders that harmonizes deep clinical experience with an outcomes-driven approach.

Individualized Pathways

Our approach to therapy places an emphasis on treating patients as individuals with structured methods to measure their experience, satisfaction and outcomes along their journey. Each patient is provided with insights into their treatment progression, allowing them to contribute to their assessment and treatment planning.

Family Engagement

At the Progressive Institute, we focus together with the patient on building strong connections within their family and personal support network. We believe that utilizing a personal support network to help strengthen a patient’s coping skills is essential to achieving sustained lifelong recovery.

Trust Based Relationships with Clinicians

At the Progressive Institute, each referring clinician is an essential member of the patient’s team. By working closely with referring clinicians, we carry forward their assessments and intimate understanding of their patients’ wants and needs. We maintain a continuous dialogue with each referring clinician to provide ongoing insights and updates into a patient’s treatment progress.

Embedded in the Community

The Progressive Institute maintains an active dialogue and involvement in the community to develop and deliver treatment programs that respond to the needs of the local residents that we serve. This ongoing engagement and investment in our community is a critical aspect of our approach.

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